What You Need to Know before You Go on a Swedish Cruise

Sometimes called “the Venice of Scandinavia,” Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, boasts more than 50 bridges and 14 unique islands throughout the Baltic Sea. As the country’s main port of call, Stockholm is a key destination for seasoned cruisers, as it is often regarded as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the region.

Though the weather is often frigid, Stockholm, in particular, is home to a diverse range of entertainment and cultural options that make it an ideal cruise destination. Keep reading the find out the best things to do in Stockholm and surrounding areas and how to make your Swedish cruise memorable.

See the Best of Stockholm

While there will certainly be plenty to do aboard your cruise ship, some of Sweden’s best sights to see are actually on land. Stockholm is the center of attraction, as it is home to various historical sites and visually stunning architecture. Many of the buildings in Stockholm are hundreds of years old and serve as a remarkable attraction for history buffs.

One such building is the Royal Palace, which is among the largest structures in the region. Featuring more than 600 rooms, the Royal Palace houses the official Swedish monarchy as well as three museums and several historical sites.

The Royal Palace has a daily changing of the guard that is a favorite among tourists and natives alike. Although there are no guided tours of the interior of the palace, just viewing the amazing architecture from the outside is a worthwhile experience.

Another popular land destination for cruisers is the cathedral of Stockholm, primarily known as Storkyrkan. Holding the title of the oldest building still in active use in Stockholm, Storkyrkan is also the city’s oldest church.

The cathedral also regularly hosts concerts and other events such as art exhibits and religious services. Professional tour guides are available to walk travelers through the cathedral to explain its rich history and architectural significance, as well as answer any questions.

Exploring Stockholm Solo

While it is common to go on cruises with family, friends, or even colleagues, Sweden is one of the best places to explore if you are traveling alone or just would like to branch off from a group.

Exploring Stockholm independently is pretty easy thanks to a variety of daily small boat trips, walking tours, and a robust public transit system. Solo explorers can effortlessly move from one destination to the next in this inviting city without much worry about going it alone. Many top cruise lines offer all-inclusive tickets that include a variety of land excursions that are perfect for solo travelers, allowing them to get a comprehensive view of the city.

Museums of Stockholm

Stockholm is home to various fascinating museums that are steeped in Sweden’s history. Stockholm’s most popular museum, the Vasa Museum on Djurgården island, offers visitors a glimpse into 17th-century maritime warfare, with artifacts and an authentic shipwreck on display. Visitors to the museum gain access to an ancient wreckage that is the only 17th-century ship to be salvaged almost fully intact.

Other popular Stockholm museums include the Nordic Museum, the Nobel Prize Museum, and ABBA: The Museum. These popular museums hold daily tours and offer interesting attractions.

Meanwhile, Stockholm’s city hall is adjacent to the museum district and offers a spectacular view across the sea. Most Stockholm museum tours charge an additional fee on top of your cruise ticket price, so be sure to check with your travel planner before including a museum tour in your must-see itinerary.

Sweden: So Much to Explore

No matter what you choose to do on your Swedish cruise, visiting the city of Stockholm is one of the best stops you can make. It will be near impossible to see everything all at once, so discuss your must-haves with your travel agent or cruise planner to create an extraordinary Swedish vacation. Also, work closely with them to figure out the best time of year to visit this spectacular region.

A professional cruise planner can assist you in planning the perfect cruise vacation while still helping you secure the best deal for your cruise package. Travel agents and cruise planners often have access to special rates that are not publicized, so even if you are tempted to self-plan, working with a pro is recommended.