The Top Cruise Trends You Need to Know About

Travelers are often on the lookout for the next big thing, and cruise lines are always striving to deliver something new and exciting for their passengers. It can be challenging, even for avid cruisers, to keep up with the changes, but one of the top general trends that major cruise lines have recently taken steps to accommodate is the desire to travel to more unique destinations.

New itineraries can be seen featuring more exotic and distant options based on valuable passenger feedback. Cruising to relatively uncharted territory or exotic locales is just one of the many ways that cruise lines are creating more memorable experiences. Consider some of top trends in the cruise industry that follow.

Cruises Are Going Green

Global warming is one of the world’s major topics of discussion, and cruise lines are taking the issue seriously by adjusting operations. Top cruise lines have prioritized the environment while continuing to ensure passenger comfort. One of the most notable changes cruise lines have implemented is the decreased use or complete elimination of plastic straws, which are non-bio-degradable and harm not only the environment, but also wildlife.

In addition to reducing the use of plastic, some cruise lines have incorporated battery-powered vessels into their fleets. Since battery-powered ships don’t rely on fossil fuels, they decrease the amount of pollution and toxins that are released into the atmosphere. An increased effort to reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming has a profound effect on the environment, and eco-conscious cruise lines can reach a new audience of travelers who value environmentalism.

Luxury Cruises

The advent of luxury cruises is another notable trend. Traditionally reserved for a select group of cruisers, affordable luxury cruises have come onto the scene. The usual perks associated with a luxury cruise, like access to private beaches, a dedicated concierge, and onboard fine dining, are now being made more accessible to everyone.

Luxury cruise options are more costly than standard ones, but cruisers who usually opt for the basic cruise experience will find value in splurging on upgraded cruise packages. Top cruise lines have taken note that many travelers are willing to pay a little more for a better experience, so many have seen how effective luxury upgrades can be. Upgrade packages on standard cruises provide a way for every passenger to have a luxurious onboard experience while staying within their budget.

On-Demand Room Service

Passengers want to relax instead of spending their time in lines waiting for food or crowded dining areas. With people being able to do virtually anything from their smartphones, cruise lines have started to create various mobile apps for on-demand room service.

Some cruise lines have implemented on-demand pizza delivery that’s available anywhere onboard, not just in the cabin, while others have plans to launch on-demand champagne for sunbathers at the ship’s pool. With additional on-demand perks, cruise lines are trending toward offering experiences that rival on-land vacations.

Remote Location Cruises

A lot of cruises frequent the same ports and regions, like the Caribbean or Mexico. But while it is nice to visit various tropical locations, many people want to experience something different. While it’s not uncommon for cruise lines to add stops to an itinerary, in the coming years they will offer itineraries with increasingly more unique destinations.

World tour cruises often fulfill travelers’ need to see new places. These extended cruises offer an abundance of ports and stops, and this type of cruise would be better suited for someone who has a lot of time to explore and wants a more diverse cruise experience. There are a lot of extended worldwide cruises available, including to the following popular remote locations:

– Antarctica. One of the world’s least visited places due to its cold temperatures, Antarctica can be accessed by commercial ships with certifications that ensure that they are responsibly maintained and won’t harm the environment.

– The Amazon River. One of the best ways to experience the full splendor of the Amazon River is to traverse it by vessel.

– The Galapagos Islands. Because the people of the Galapagos Islands care deeply about their environment, cruises to this area are uncommon. However, select cruise lines offer seasonal trips for passengers eager to explore this breathtaking region.

The Future of Cruising

Cruise lines constantly reinvent themselves, and the foregoing trends represent just some of the exciting possibilities in cruising. Always consult a certified cruise planner for assistance in planning your next trend-inspired trip.