The Best Cruise-Focused Podcasts for Travelers

Busy people often don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to planning a cruise vacation. Podcasts are a great way to get detailed information in a quick audio format. For experienced cruisers as well as those new to the cruise world, check out these top cruise-focused podcasts.

Essential Cruise Tips

The Essential Cruise Tips podcast is hosted by Gary Bembridge. Since December 2013, Bembridge has supplied information on different types of cruises while giving advice on various cruise-related topics ranging from what to do and what not to do in your room to the top scams in the cruise world. Other helpful topics include real-world discussions about popular ports and what each stop has to offer.

Appropriate for both beginners and seasoned cruisers, the Essential Cruise Tips podcast has something for everyone. Content is regularly refreshed and new episodes are released every Friday.

Always Be Booked

Tommy Casabona, the host of Always Be Booked, provides input on everything cruise-related. Offering reviews, new information, and everything in between, the Always Be Booked podcast has been around since November 2016.

Popular episodes include Info on The Key West Deep Dive, Group Cruising, Adventure of The Seas, and Cruising Obstacles and Solutions. Almost anything you would want to know about cruising you can find in this podcast, and Casabona does it in his own way. New episodes of Always Be Bookedare taped once a week and released on varying days, so it’s definitely a podcast to be on the lookout for.

Cruise Tips TV Unplugged

In her podcast, Cruise Tips TV: Unplugged, host Sheri Griffiths talks about different ways to create the best cruise experience imaginable. With over 11 million views on YouTube, it’s no surprise that Sheri was named one of the top 10 Influencers That Changed How We Vacation by Porthole Cruise Magazine.

The most popular episodes include Exposing Cruise Myths and Misconceptions, 5 Destinations That Everyone Should Try, and A Crowd Hater’s Guide to Cruising. While the show’s original YouTube platform was established in 2013, the Unplugged version of Cruise Tips TV launched in February 2019. New episodes are available every Wednesday on most major podcasting platforms.

Cruise Radio

In 2009, frequent cruisegoer and radio personality Doug Parker created a platform dedicated to discussing cruise-related topics in an informative and engaging way. Parker was driven by his desire to share his experiences and love of cruising with listeners all over the world. Cruise Radio frequently hosts guests who represent a mix of cruise industry insiders, travel experts, and cruise enthusiasts.

The Cruise Radio podcast began as a local radio station broadcast before IHeartRadio’s talk network picked up the show and made it available through major platforms, including Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and the Stitcher radio network.

Doug’s most popular episodes include Port of Miami Q&A, Pros and Cons of a Canada/New England cruise, and his detailed reviews on the most popular cruises of the world. There isn’t really a set upload schedule for this podcast, but if you are a regular listener, you can expect one to two episodes to be released each week.

The Cruise Dudes Podcast

Hosted by avid cruisers Tommy and Scott, the Cruise Dudes podcast was created in January 2014. It chronicles their cruise ship vacations, as well as other fun facts and informational topics, offering suggestions for cruise cuisine, the pros and cons of different destinations, and much more.

The Cruise Dudes podcast periodically features special guests, and the podcast also has a companion interactive digital magazine called Seawind, which is available both online and offline. If you are interested in the interactive features such as video, websites, and webcam links, then an internet connection is a must. For those who prefer Tommy and Scott’s podcast content, episodes are released once a week. 

CruiseHabit Podcast

Created by Billy Hirsch and co-host Ric, the CruiseHabit podcast was established in 2015. A frequent cruisegoer since birth, Billy takes all of his knowledge and experiences and channels it into highly informative podcast episodes. Ric offers his insight as an avid cruiser and travel expert.

The CruiseHabit Podcast covers a myriad of relevant topics, but its most popular topics include Seven Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance, The Best Time to Plan A Cruise, and Embarkation Day. Listeners can tune in to the newest episodes, which are posted every Friday. The companion CruiseHabit website offers a wealth of information from blog posts to message boards.

So Much to Explore

For both the experienced cruiser and the beginner, listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to access different perspectives on cruises and the many things that they offer. Listening into any of these podcasts will give you inside information and may answer questions that you didn’t know you had. Cruises are a wonderful experience, and these podcasts can get you prepared to have the time of your life.

Not only can you stream these podcasts online, but they are also available on other platforms like Apple Podcasts. They are also compatible with Android and iOS devices so you can listen anywhere.