How to Plan Your Cruise with a Travel Agent

Technological advances have made it easier than ever to conduct most of our business online, even booking travel. Although there are several ways to book flights, cruises, and accommodations on your own, doing so can be a headache. This is especially true when trying to book sea travel. With so many options, the booking process can get complicated quickly, particularly when you are going it alone.

Cruising is slightly different from other forms of travel; for instance, the number of cabin types, specialty cruises, and dining options can be overwhelming. This is where a travel agent or cruise planner comes in. Find out why letting a professional handle your travel plans is the way to go.

Booking with an Agent Saves Time

According to a recent survey of more than 1,200 travelers, about one-third spent a total of more than four hours over several days making their own travel plans. Instead of combing through various sites yourself looking for the perfect combination of price and options, you can hire a travel agent or cruise planner to handle everything for you. You could also choose to use a travel planner, who works to create the perfect travel package complete with a customized itinerary, travel to the cruise port, and activities and meals.

Cruise planners and travel agents also have access to special updates and information that they get daily from the top cruise lines. This inside information ranges from health advisories to special deals and itinerary changes. Though this information is available to the public, going through a travel planner saves you the trouble of calling the cruise line directly.

Your Agent Can Get a Better Deal

One of the biggest reasons to book through a travel agent or cruise planner is cost-effectiveness. While it is true that you can spend hours online trying to hunt down the best possible deal, travel agents often have these deals at their fingertips. Since travel agents book for groups, they typically have access to better rates than what are available to the general public.

Cruise planners can also give travelers the best deals and promotions, as they have access to lower per-person rates and sometimes secure rates that are not advertised to the general public.

In addition, cruise planners and travel agents know the best times to book, so they can help you strategically plan a trip within your budget. Meanwhile, affiliation discounts help you save even more, and your agent may be able to get you a lower rate than what is available online as well as added travel perks that are only available through booking with an agent.

More Personal Than Online Booking

Doing it yourself can seem like the easiest way to book travel, but working with a travel agent or cruise planner provides a more personalized experience. One of the biggest perks of booking with the help of an agent is taking advantage of their knowledge of the travel industry. Your vacation planner will discuss your likes and dislikes, your budget, preferred activities, and any other information that will help them plan the perfect trip, while your travel agent will secure air or ground transportation, book pre/post-cruise accommodations, and consider any special circumstances.

On the other hand, booking online leaves all the responsibility and pressure on you. DIY travel planning is a generalized solution that, unfortunately, will not work for every travel situation. If there are any issues with your accommodations or pre-cruise travel, you will have to work these issues out by yourself. With the help of a travel agent or cruise planner, you will know that all the details are taken care of, so you can just show up and enjoy your vacation.

Get Peace of Mind with a Professional Cruise Planner

Booking with an experienced cruise planner or travel agent is a great idea if you are cruising for the first time or if you prefer a more personal touch. If you feel more comfortable, you can even research trips and rates before contacting a travel professional. Even if you have cruised before, it may be worthwhile to develop a working relationship with an agent so you can make the most of your trip. Let a cruise planner assist you with your travel accommodations and make recommendations based on your preferences and previous travel experiences. Working together with a travel agent will ensure you have the best cruise possible.