How to Plan a Great Staycation

When people plan a vacation, they often think about going somewhere either domestically or internationally. However, if you find it difficult to take time off or to set a budget, then planning the perfect vacation could seem nearly impossible.

A staycation is a fancy way of saying “vacationing at home in in your local area,” and it can prove equally as satisfying as a traditional vacation if planned correctly. With a staycation, you don’t need to get on a plane to have an unforgettable experience that everyone in the family will enjoy. If you’re unsure about where to start, here are some helpful tips to help you plan the ultimate staycation.

Figure out a Budget

The first thing to do when planning any vacation is to set a budget. Depending on where you live and what there is to do, you may want to take into consideration the cost of these activities.

Several other factors can play a role in budgeting for this staycation. You should consider the size of your family, which plays a major role in creating a budget because that can affect your food costs and how much you’re able to do, even when you’re staying local. Without proper planning, a vacation of any kind can quickly become costly, so it’s important to develop a budget even if you’re vacationing at home.

Do Your Research

Doing some research can help you to decide on what activities are available in or around your home. If you happen to live near a major city and haven’t had a chance to explore it yet, this is the ideal opportunity to plan a staycation because you may find new places to visit in your area.

There are countless resources available to find out what’s available in your city—from food to hotels—as well as supplies that will help you to transform your home into a vacation-like experience. When you utilize resources such as reviews, this can to help build your staycation itinerary with activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Get in Touch with Nature

An easy way to save on a staycation is to find ways to stay indoors or to engage in outdoor activities near your home. If you encounter difficulties in finding local or regional activities that everyone can enjoy—or if a trip is not practical—you can still enjoy a staycation. Learning about nature serves as a great way to educate your children while also having fun.

Popular staycation activities that the whole family can enjoy include the following:Backyard camping—Camping at home can bring a lot of fun and education to a staycation. Children love the idea of being outside and having the opportunity to stargaze and feel as though they are on a camping trip. The best part about this style of camping is that you get to show your children how to make the best of all situations and that you can still have a vacation while staying at home. Gardening retreat—If you have a garden, this is a good opportunity to educate your children about the art of gardening and how food is grown. One fun garden activity for the family involves hosting a mock TV show competition and having your family prepare easy meals with ingredients from the garden.

Have a Luxurious Vacation at Home

While outdoor options may not be suitable for all families, there are still other ways to create a fulfilling vacation at home. You can even make your space luxurious by taking a few steps to turn your house into a mini-hotel. Buying aromatherapy candles or learning about holistic techniques such as reflexology can help you to transform your home into a spa-like oasis. Simple things like changing the sheets on all the beds to be on par with those of a hotel can add to the luxurious feeling of a destination vacation. If you typically don’t want to do much on a vacation and don’t like the time restraints of keeping a schedule, then a staycation will be just as relaxing as getting away. You can plan pool days, spa days, mini-workout classes or whatever activities comprise your ideal vacation all while being at home.

A staycation is almost more preferable than going on a vacation elsewhere. Being in the comfort of your own home is more appealing to many people just because of the amount of planning and spending that is significantly reduced. Whether it’s a backyard camping trip or a short ride to the heart of the city, taking a staycation can be just what you and your family need to get away or to fill up the time during a break from school or work. If you do your research, then it will be easy to develop the perfect staycation itinerary that works for your whole family.