Everything You Need to Know about around the World Cruises

You may have fantasized about traveling around the world for weeks on end, but did you know that you can do it on a cruise? An around the world cruise typically lasts anywhere from 90 to 120 days. Although that seems like a long time to be on a boat, there are many stops along the way to help break up the time at sea. Many of the most popular extended cruises also offer mini cruises, so it is likely you’ll see a cycle of short-term cruise passengers during your trip as well. 

The opportunity to explore a multitude of different places around the globe doesn’t come often. If you have the time and you want to try something new for vacation, then an around the world cruise could be a perfect choice.

Understanding the Costs of a Worldwide Cruise

Many shorter cruises offer affordable options to fit nearly anyone’s budget, but taking a worldwide cruise comes with added expenses that make this type of cruise much pricier. Cost will vary depending on the cruise line, but the most popular world cruises are typically priced at several hundred dollars a day. When you consider that these trips last a minimum of 90 days, it’s easy to see why a world cruise is considered a major purchase.

One of the best things about cruises, in general, is that they offer different packages that come with different levels of perks—and this is true of world cruises as well. Since world cruises are longer, most packages include Wi-Fi, laundry pickup, and free or discounted airfare.

Despite their generally higher cost, there are some more affordable world cruise options available. Your travel planner can assist you in finding an extended cruise that is more competitively priced. As an additional tip, a cruise with more stops will likely be more affordably priced.

What’s Included in a World Cruise?

While short cruises often include an array of perks, world cruises take their offerings to the next level. Cruises of this length typically have to be planned well in advance since most set sail in January. A vacation this long is best coordinated with a cruise or travel agent, as they will know exactly what to do and expect when planning such a grand vacation. In addition to providing greater detail about what your cruise includes, a cruise planner will also be there every step of the way to go over things that you might have overlooked on your own.

Selecting the right ship can play a big part in your world cruise experience. Smaller cruise ships may offer perks like free drink passes and room service. If you prefer a more luxurious experience, premium cruise lines offer a better selection of food and entertainment, such as nightclubs. Grand cruises include over-the-top perks like spas, personal development workshops, and fitness classes. Keep in mind, even though the benefits may be great, the room options may not be the most luxurious as standard cruise ship lodging is always a little cramped.

Examples of around the World Cruises

Some around the world cruises include the Viking Ultimate World Cruise, the Ancient Dynasties and World Wonders voyage, and the Navigate the World cruise.

The Viking Ultimate World Cruise by Vikings Cruises visits 22 cities over 245 days. During overnight stays, cruisers are able to see more cultural aspects of each city that are easily missed during the day. Shore exploration is typically included on the Ultimate World Cruise, but if you prefer a more detailed, guided experience at each stop, that option that is available to travelers at an additional cost.

Some of the top stops included on the 110-day Ancient Dynasties and World Wonders cruise by Crystal Cruises are Greece, Portugal, Japan, and Hawaii, to name a few. This cruise explores some of the outermost countries, providing fans of history and culture with an educational experience to supplement their vacation.

For a high-end world cruise, the 131-day Navigate the World cruise by Regent Seven Seas Cruises gives travelers more of a luxury experience with impressive room options. This cruise makes stops in Alaska, Malaysia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and many other popular destinations.

Is a World Cruise Right for You?

Going on a world cruise is sure to be an unforgettable experience, but it is also a big decision to make due to the time commitment involved. It’s not uncommon to see many passengers of retirement age on around the world cruises, as they tend to have the time and money to spend on lengthier cruises. However, if you have the means and the available time to go on a world cruise, you can still find one that meets your budget and needs.